Legal Agreement: Terms of Service

Membership Terms of Service


The Offices at The Henry, located at 106 North Jefferson Street, Dublin, Georgia, is a shared workspace designed to provide a low-cost, flexible space for freelancers, entrepreneurs, traveling salespeople, and startup businesses.  The Henry Building is managed by Curry Management Corporation (“Management”). Members of the Henry Building (“Members”) are provided access to an innovative workspace in the heart of the historic downtown Dublin.  Inside the Henry Building, there are both open seated “hot desks” and designated seating areas that include office furniture, conference rooms, wifi, storage lockers, common courtyard patio, and a community breakroom area also available for your convenience.

Any questions about this Agreement or any rules not outlines in the Membership Rules and Regulations, should be addressed by email to: 


  1. Term- Members are to choose their membership package from the options on the Membership Application. Open seating is available in daily, weekly and monthly packages.  Private office spaces are available with one year lease terms.
  2. Fees- Each Member must pay his membership fee and overage charges as he is obligated to do so under this Agreement. See last page for overage charges.  A Member must pay his membership fee (daily and weekly) at the time of the acceptance of his Application by Management.  Should the Member choose a month to month package or year lease, payment is due on the 1st day of each month and a 10% late fee will be incurred if rent is not paid in full by the 5th day of the month.
  3. Access- Each Member will be provided access to the Henry Building located at 106 North Jefferson Street, Dublin, Georgia. Secure access allows the Member entry to the facility twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week.
  4. Amenities- Basic amenities include high speed, wireless internet access, scheduled access to our conference room, on-site kitchen area, private telephone booths, 24 hour access to a fully furnished office space, access code, business venter with copy/print/scan/fax ability, mailboxes, and storage lockers. Some amenities are based upon membership package.  See membership options in Membership Application.
  5. Conduct- Respect your office neighbors. Be polite and treat others the way that you would want to be treated.  At Management’s discretion, or upon notice from other tenants, disruptive or abusive language or behavior could result in termination of your lease.
    1. Indoor Voice- Be mindful and respectful of others. Do not be loud and boisterous.  Remember, this is a work place and should be treated as such. Each Member must use headphones for any music and never play amplified music or use speakerphones for a telephone call.
    2. Phone calls- Again, be mindful and respectful of others while taking calls. Voices should be kept quiet while taking calls.  Please use our designated phone booths or walk outside to take personal calls.  This will help insure privacy to all parties involved.
    3. Harassment- There is a zero tolerance for harassment of Members or guests of The Henry Building. Management reserves the right to expel those who break the rule from the workspace.
    4. Guests- Guests must adhere to all rules and regulations of this Agreement.
    5. Overnight Use- There is to be no sleeping at the workspace overnight.
    6. Cooperation- Each Member shall do his part to create a positive, productive, and pleasant environment for everyone at the Henry Building.
    7. Pets- No pets are allowed inside of the Henry Building, service aminals excluded provided proper documentation is provided to Management.
  6. Common Areas- Members agree to keep the common area tidy and organized in the following ways:
    1. Member shall not permit the accumulation of waste, trash, or other debris in or around the building.
    2. Members have unlimited access to the kitchen and other common areas of the Henry Building. After use, Member shall leave the common areas in an orderly fashion with all chairs pushed in, trash removed, and tables or counter wiped off if necessary.
    3. No food should be left in the refrigerator overnight. Any items left in the refrigerator after 5:00pm will be thrown out daily.
    4. Members are required to lock all office doors and to turn out all lights at the close of their work day.
    5. Conference rooms shall be booked by reservation and on a first come, first serve basis. After use, Members shall leave the conference room in an orderly fashion with all chairs pushed in, trash removed, and tables wiped off if necessary. Monthly/yearly members are allowed 6 hours of conference room usage per month. Daily/weekly members will be charges at a fee of $25.00 per hour.  Overages are charged at the end of each month at a fee of $25.00 per hour.
    6. Members will have shared use of copy, print, scan, fax facility. Members will be allotted a predetermined amount of black and white prints per month.  This amount is determined by the membership package chosen on the Membership Application.  Use can be continued after that limit has been reached but Member will be billed ($0.10 black/white, $0.25 color) per page.
    7. Any furniture in the common areas shall always remain in their respective places. No furniture should be moved out or into these areas.
    8. Management shall not be in any way responsible to the Member, its agents, employees, or guests for any loss of personal property, money, or jewelry from the Tenants leased area or from public areas in the building, or for any damages to any property thereon, regardless of whether or not such loss or damage occurs when area is locked against entry.
    9. Mailboxes are assigned to Members who have at least a six month lease. Members will be given a key to their respective mailbox. 
  7. Termination- See sections 1. Conduct and 2. Common Areas for reference for actions that could lead to termination of your lease. You also agree not to use the Henry Building for any purpose that is unlawful, prohibited, or that could damage the Henry Building or other Members.
  8. Connections- You agree not to use the Henry Building in connection with:
    1. Pyramid schemes, chain letters, junk mail/ email spamming,
    2. Defaming, abusing, harassing, or threatening others,
    3. Posting, distributing or disseminating inappropriate, profane, defamatory, obscene, indecent, or unlawful material or information
    4. Uploading, reproducing, using, performing, or otherwise making available, images, software or other material or information which infringes on another’s rights, or is protected by intellectual property laws where you don’t own or license such rights.
    5. Uploading or using files that contain viruses, corrupted files, or any other similar software or programs that may damage the computers or property of the Henry Building or another tenant.
  9. Privacy- A shared workspace does not provide complete privacy. Members must practice elective privacy. Each Member agrees to keep whatever information he inadvertently obtains from his fellow Members private, and never to share, reproduce, or use information that belongs to others, even verbally, or exploit overheard information for gain or to the detriment of another Member.  
  10. Liability- Neither the Henry Building nor its Members will assume any liability to you with respect to your access to, participation in, use of the Henry Building, or any loss of information or other property resulting from such participation or use. There are lockers available to store belongings when stepping away from the workspace. Lockers are first come first serve and require Members’ personal lock and key. Locks shall be removed at the end of each day and lockers left in a clean condition.  Overnight storage is not permitted.
  11. Disclaimers- The Henry Building disclaim all warranties and conditions, whether expressed, implied, or statutory, including but not limited to merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or use. The entire risk of the quality of a Member’s participation in or use of the Henry Building remains with the Member.
  12. Disclosure- The Henry Building may disclose information about the Members and/or their participation in the Henry Building as Management deems necessary to satisfy and applicable law, regulations, legal process, or governmental entity’s request. Further Management may publish, in its sole discretion, information about the Members and/or their businesses, including but not limited to their names, company names, industries, titles, and URL’s. Management has the right to take photographs at the Henry Building in which the Members and/ or their property are features and to use these photographs at Management’s sole discretion.
  13. Contact- All contact with Management regarding the Henry Building will be made to Jennifer Wilson, Community Specialist at or 478-484-5433.
  14. Interpretation and Enforcement- Management has the ultimate right to interpret and enforce these Rules, and the Member agrees to be bound by any consequence established by Management for violating these Rules.
  15. Changes- Management reserves the right to make changes to any and all Rules at any time. We will notify Members of changes to the Rules and this Agreement.


Membership Packages:

            Open Seating:

  • Daily, weekly, or monthly lease terms
  • 24/7 Hour Access to the Henry Building
  • Highspeed, wireless internet access
  • First come, first serve access to workstations
  • Shared break room/ kitchen
  • Storage lockers (Member must bring lock and key)
  • Limited copies
    • o Daily: 25 black/white, 10 color
    • o Weekly: 50 black/white, 25 color
    • o Monthly: 150 black/white, 75 color

Private Office Membership:

  • Yearly lease terms
  • 24/7 Access to the Henry Building
  • Highspeed, wireless internet access
  • Fully furnished office space
  • Individual key for a locked private office
  • Shared break room/ kitchen
  • Limited Copies
    • o Black and white copies and/or printing (up to 300 pages per month)
    • o Color copies and/ or printing (up to 150 per month)
  • Scheduled access to conference rooms (up to 6 hours per month)
  • Mailbox access

Overage Charges:

Each Member will be charged for any and all overages for the allowances listed here which will be added to his monthly bill at the following rates:

  • Black and white copes and/or printing- $0.10 per page
  • Color copies and/or printing- $0.25 per page
  • Conference room usage- $25.00 per hour